Be a Baller.

Build power,

live your life.

Your profound transformation in 12 weeks.

I feel your pain, I have experienced it myself.
I suffered in life, almost died in my divorce.

Thank you for being here. I've been where you are. It hurts and you are looking for a way into love and inner peace. You want to unfold your potential and don't know how?

Experience yourself.

Become a Baller, try High-Impact Mentoring.

A baller starts his day with positive intentions. He is an unique personality who moves through the game of life with a beautiful style. He leaves a great impression, people want to be around him.

He navigates through challenges with ease, because he sees no problems, but solutions. A baller faces life with a healthy confidence and is constantly working on personal growth, because the life he leads will awaken the desire in others to become better.

He lives as the example he wants to see in the world and inspires you to achieve things you've only dreamed of. He has strong values and a clear vision. A baller goes happily to bed and closes his eyes with deepest gratitude.

Do you think you're a Baller?
Ask yourself these questions.

Do I really believe in my own beliefs?
Do I share my time with people I really love?
Can I reach out to new people and socialize?
When was the last time I was spontaneous?
When was the last time I really laughed?
How is my relationship with money?
Do I really respect my body?
How happy am I truly?

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Straight out of Chiang Mai, Thailand - a hero, the one and only baller Mr. Barami. He is a mentor to me since 2017 as he guided me through my divorce. We are there for each other, that is what baller friends do in life. Afer watching this video, please move to the questions again and take your time. Be honest with yourself.
Bastian Barami

Live your true potential.

Breaking through all limiting beliefs.

It all started with a bicycle. I took the lead and built the life I always wanted to experience. So please do me a favor, don't throw away your dreams about a fulfilling life.

I guarantee you, together we will unlock your full potential. I've done it, so you can do it too. I show you step by step how to live a life that you really love. 12 weeks will change your life forever.

Value Creation & Life Transformation.
Discover your unlimited potential now.

Imagine your life transformed. Body, awareness, emotions and behavior come into harmony. In 12 weeks you will experience a profound transformation on all levels.

Participants say.

„In a lot of ways I think you are an embodiment of what many strive to be - confident, sympathetic, altruistic, self-loving (many people forget this) and always willing to give your most valuable asset: your time.“
Nicholas Pashenkov
Financial Analyst, New York
„You have taught me so much! To live and be more authentically. To speak my truth irrespective of the outcome. How to love people without fear. I am so lucky to know that you are in my corner and only a short flight away.“
Joey Azzaro
CFA, New York
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„Alexandros knows how to create feelings through real stories in which you can see yourself reflected. He leads you closer to yourself. He just knows how to do it, it's like a gift.“
Patrick Letica
Jiu-Jitsu Athlete, Switzerland
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„I can promise you, you will feel very fast a positive difference in your life. The way Alexandros works with you is as unique as his personality. Try it, you will love it.“
Alexander Richter
Founder of
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„Alexandros gave me a lot of great input to find my direction and I could really feel how passionate he is to help others. I enjoyed my time in Mexico a lot. Highly recommended.“
Fabrizio Famà
Founder of Attention Athletes

100% tailored,

because you are unique.

12 weeks High-Impact Mentoring means that we fully focus on your transformation. The entire program is 100% tailored for you.

I have gathered the best methods from professionals and I invest all my experience, strength and love, because your success is also my success. Get started and book the initial consultation now.

My promise: you will instantly feel better.

Businessmen say.

„Alexandros is a real badass. He stands on the sidelines and has seen through the entire game. And then takes one after the other off the field because everyone is exhausted. Then he gets them ready and send them back to the field. Ready for the game of life again.“
Ingmar Hansen
Hansen-World, Germany
„I have known Alexandros since he was a child. Only few go through life with such courage. I appreciate about him that he shapes his own life authentically, while at the same time approaching others as a great inspiration with an impressive personality.“
Markus Hadulla
Steiger Venture Partners, Switzerland

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I know where
you want to be.

Strategies to rewire your brain.

Just like you, I waited too long to live the life I wanted. I had to learn what gratitude, respect, self-love and true confidence really is.

I show you exactly how to work on your entire personality. I live each day out of joy. I am in my creative & sexual power.

With my guidance, you will achieve that too.


"I knew that he is bringing something special into this world. For me, it was his relentless openness about his own experiences, and his way of turning everything in his life into a powerful opportunity to learn and bring light into the world. We've had the pleasure of sharing in a lot of uplifting and magical experiences, and in each moment - he is reflecting, sharing, learning and feeding back into his environment. Its a pleasure to share in any experience with Alexandros - but more importantly - affirming and meaningful."
Devon Walshe
lives in Mexico City
„Alexandros is a true motivator. I have known him for years and can allow myself this statement. He made me get off my ass, he guided me to make an effort in several areas of my life, especially when it comes to physical and mental fitness. During the active time with him my own limits were exceeded together and sustainable changes were established in my daily life. I respect him a lot and appreciate the regular communication. Thank you for being here, I am very happy that we know each other. Best to you from Bebra.“
Roland Rehm
lives in Germany

Your Life.
Your Journey.

Leave the comfort zone and improve your life quality. We can explore the world together - like Baller.

Fantastic places & people are waiting for you.
Get ready & pack your suitcase now.

My travel experience goes far beyond hotels & resorts. I can show you places in this world that you can only get to if you know the right people. Trust me, you will enjoy fascinating people and the easiness of traveling together.

Friends speak.

„You have the skill to make people aware of their challenges and you got the gift to guide them.“
Fabio Oliva
Founder @ Workflowed
„So many men need this help bro. From my experience you are the best help I received ever.“
Freddie Trimble
CEO @ wildmintcosmetics


The initial consultation is free.

book a 60 minutes call


Personality & Confidence
Mind-Set & Spiritual Awareness
Health, Fitness & Nutrition
Love Life & Sexual Power
Friends & Family
Career & Business
Finances & Wealth
I value your private life and no one will ever know you booked mentoring with me. There is no need to make any testimonials and if you really want to stay completely anonymous, you can pay with crypto and we will work together without any personal data, names or addresses.
I believe that individual mentoring is the reason why 100% of my mentoring sessions until today were successful. Everyone comes from a different place and it’s my biggest skill to really evaluate your personal situation. This way, I dive deep together with you, because my goal is always getting you back into your personal power. I fully focus on your transformation. Your entire program is 100% tailored.
Yes, this is very important to me personally. As a client we are traveling together worldwide and you can travel to Mexico, the place where I am staying, at any time during the mentoring.
Optionally and if necessary I allow myself to introduce you to very successful mentors with who I have been working for years. They complement our cooperation in the field of spirituality, fitness & nutrition. I know highly valuable professionals in all fields, you are in best hands.
My focus is on one-on-one mentoring for male individuals, so please book a free initial consultation so we can discuss this case specifically. In general, I have very good, highly qualified contacts in the field of couple therapy and couple mentoring. I will be happy to connect you if necessary.
In recent years I have also successfully guided women in different phases of life. However, I have specialized strongly in supporting men. I have very successful female mentors who specialize in women. I love to connect, so you will have the best time of your life. Please book a free initial consultation.
My clients get a very deep insight into my private life. This includes relationships with women and insight into my professional life. In our work together you will be very close to my private life and also meet people who are intimate with me.
The first mentoring client is still in my program today. The initial contact was established in 2016. The 12 weeks program is the foundation, after that I recommend weekly video sessions and 2-4 trips together throughout the year to reinforce the time spent together.
I can ask you very specific questions that will help you to recognize in which areas of your life you need support. Book the free initial consultation now.
A good life means living a healthy life. Laughing a lot, to me, means you are living a good life. To experience life in healthy moderation. Spending time with healthy people and having a purpose in life and realizing it. In my eyes, the meaning is to create and to help others in life with ease and fun. I strongly believe that you can walk through life as a teacher and a student at the same time. The most important thing in my eyes is that you are emotionally, physically and mentally balanced. Personally, I feel my life would be good if I died right now and had no regrets. I would leave here with a smile on my face.
English, German & Greek.
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"Just do it and go cycling" is a 12 minute story about my start in 2011. The first bike4peace trip in my life will be forever my most epic bicycle adventure - enjoy the show.
"Everything is possible."

Your success is my success.

Serving you, it's my obsession.

With me you build certainty, variety, significance, connection, love, growth & contribution for your life. You have the right to live a beautiful life. Start to take ownership of your actions now.

If you don't know how, let me show you how. 12 life changing weeks of High-Impact Mentoring. Don't miss your chance to have a baller life. I am here for you.

What are you waiting for?
Get started today. I look forward to see you.

PS: 360° stories told by a cosmopolitan.

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